How Much Does Cosmetic Dentistry Cost?


The physical beauty comes from the head to toe. Smile is one of the supporting things that you should have to enhance your physical beauty. However, what if you do not have an aesthetic smile? The best way that you can do is lift it up. If you want to get some smile makeover, then you should know about how much is cosmetic dentistry.

Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment

Cost is something important when you like to do something like a makeover. If you like to have such a good or best treatment, then there will be an amount of money that you should pay for. Therefore, it is completely good for you to check how much you should pay if you like to have a smile makeover.

How Much It Costs?

The following information might help you to find the cost of cosmetic dentistry:

  • Dental Bridge Cost

The cost of the dental bridge may vary as it depends on the placement of the mouth, the number of the teeth and the condition of the mouth. The more teeth are replaced, then it may cause an extra cost in it. This kind of treatment is starting from USD500 to USD1000 per tooth.

  • Porcelain Veneer Cost

This one is like a premium dental treatment. This porcelain veneer cost is made of high-quality material and measured in special molding techniques which may fit your smile. Considering the steps of procedures and the material is high-quality done, you should expense around USD800 to USD2500 per tooth.

  • Teeth Whitening Cost

Then, how much is cosmetic dentistry for teeth whitening? The answer varies as it depends on the duration. This kind of treatment may cost around USD 600 to USD 1200.

Those are the cosmetic dentistry cost which makes you have like smile makeover. Then, how much is cosmetic dentistry depends on the choice of treatment that you made?